I’ve written a list of FAQs to help you navigate the process more easily! 

i’ve never ordered bespoke art before, what's the process?

Okay so it's not a wedding stationery option that will suit everyone - it is completely opposite to a "click n' pick" service. The difference is HUGE, so I'd advise having a read through how the PROCESS works and if it's what you want, get in touch and we'll go from there!

what wedding stationery items do you offer?

Engagement invitation, Save The Date, Will You Be My card, Wedding Invitation, RSVP, Info card, Order of Service/Schedule card, Ceremony booklet, Seating Chart, Table Names, Place Names, Wishing Well card, Venue Signage, Menu and Thank You card – anything that’s printed!

what levels of service do you offer?

LEVEL 1. Illustration only

... if you just want a bespoke piece of art to do with it whatever you see fit, no problem, I’ll give you the print-ready file.

LEVEL 2. Illustration + Graphic Design

... if you want to organise your own printing. Getting the stationery printing gifted to you as a wedding present? Awesome! I’ll design your invitation layout and then give you the file to give straight to your printer.

LEVEL 3. Illustration + Graphic Design + Printing (+Envelopes/Extras)

... if you want everything sent in a parcel for you to assemble at home. Organise a wedding crafternoon – throw in a few bottles of bubbles, get the girls round and put the tunes on!

how much do bespoke invitations cost?

Pricing depends on so many variables;

What level of service do you want? How detailed is the illustration? What style of invitation had you in mind? Any other wedding stationery items to design? Do you want me to organise printing? Are you getting envelopes/extras? How many of everything did you want?As you can see, how much it costs is completely up to you. As every wedding invitation is different, I don’t have set minimum price and I don't operate from a price list. That's the opposite of a bespoke service which is at the heart of what I do and why I do it. See PRODUCTS & SERVICE for more information.

can you work to my budget?

YES! Okay, so bespoke art is not a budget-budget option, I think we all know that, but at the same time, it is possible to tailor custom illustration to a variety of budgets, the key word is custom! Also with a little planning at concept stage, we can take your invitation illustration and highlight elements of it across the rest of your wedding stationery suite, giving you a cost-effective, beautiful wedding brand. 

what'll i be charged for? i don't like hidden fees

Amen to that, it’s annoying, just be upfront from the start and everyone knows where they stand. A good rule for life! Again, the cost reflects what you want: So depending on the level of service you require, there is an Illustration fee, Graphic Design fee, Printing fee and Postage fee. Not all will apply to every order.

how do I pay?

Once you have approved the quote, 50% of the total is required to be paid prior to any work starting. Details of how to make this payment will be included in the quote. The remaining 50% is due prior to any stationery being printed. I accept payment via Stripe, PayPal or bank transfer.

is there a minimum order quantity?

No! Which is the beauty of digital printing. Obviously a higher quantity will reduce the unit cost, in the same way that a small quantity will increase the unit cost, but no, there isn’t a minimum quantity.

can I get a printed proof of our invitation before going to print?

Of course! If you’d like to see your invitation before it goes to print, I can send you a physical proof for a small fee.

what types of card do you print on?

The most divine 350gsm - 430gsm card in a range of textures and shades including white, off-white, cream and ivory. I pride myself on sourcing premium-quality printing on textured, luxury card at super-affordable prices.

what types of envelope do you supply?

I have a range of envelopes in a style and size to suit every budget. After the piece is complete, we talk about what envelopes you’d like, some couples have a strong colour palette for the wedding so it’s nice to reflect that right from the start through envelope choice. If however you’re breezy then I take a selection of envelopes that I think will work well with the invitation and I present them to you as a proof of options, then you choose which you like or we repeat the process until you’re happy!

how long does it take?

From payment of deposit to delivery, approximately 4 weeks. However this depends on lots of factors; how many proof amendments are required, email response times, how big or complex the order is, etc. so it’s always wise to have a buffer of an extra week in your pocket just to be safe. If you need your wedding stationery sooner than 4 weeks, then get in touch and I’ll do my best to work within your deadline.

when will I receive my first digital proof?

After the deposit has been paid, it takes approximately 2 weeks to complete the first illustration proof. The first stage of ordering bespoke invitations is the longest, about 70% of the job is complete by the time the illustration has been approved, the rest is a breeze. Have a read through PROCESS to understand how it all works.

okay it all sounds great! how do I order from Drawn With Love?

Get in touch and let's go from there!