I’m Noelle, an Irish illustrator & designer. Weddings make up a lot of my business so I decided to launch a dedicated wedding illustration and design studio, Drawn With Love!


I’m a storyteller, I’ve written articles for Expedia about cities around the world, but it’s telling stories of couples and their unique journey through illustration that gives me such a feeling of joy.  Hearing you eagerly talk about your fledgling idea is the best. It’s so amazing sharing this part of the journey with you. That’s because as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), I totally melt into your story, wrapping myself up in your excitement, always committed to saying “Yes! We can draw that! What else would you like?”.

All my work is hand-drawn and totally unique, just like you! I’ve a super work ethic which I happily indulge because I love what I do and I’m very grateful I get to make a living from it.  Being asked to translate your love story onto paper, so you can announce the best day of your life to your nearest and dearest is an absolute privilege and one I hold dearly!

That's because there is nothing better than hearing how happy you are with the work I’ve created for you, because my heart and soul goes into each commission and your happiness, is my happiness

this is me ...