how DO YOU quote?


After the consultation stage, I ask you to supply lots of visual references , so I have a clear idea of your style and what you're looking for. I take my notes, pour a coffee and block off some time in my day to research any particular elements you’ve mentioned: your wedding destination or the ceremony venue, certain flowers you've chosen or what car you'll arrive in. Anything you've requested at enquiry stage, I research it, sketch it, confirm it's accuracy then work out how long it will take to draw it. Next I sketch the layout of the entire illustration, I estimate how much time each element will take, I add it all up and that gives me the quote for the ILLUSTRATION part.

Graphic design is the same process – plan it out, sketch it up, assign times and quote. The type of invitation style – standard card, greeting card or gatefold style, etc., script font or hand-drawn script etc. – is what determines the cost of the GRAPHIC DESIGN part of the quote. Obviously the more complex a piece, the more time it will take, the more it will cost.

... illustrate?

Once I've planned the illustration and design during the quote stage, I draw it to scale in my sketchbook, so it looks exactly as I want it to look on your invitation. Everything is hand-drawn and I never progress to screen until every line, shape and colour palette has been practically finalised on paper. Once I’m happy with the sketch and I’ve scanned my work into Adobe Photoshop, I tidy it up, then import it into Adobe Illustrator where I redraw it digitally. The work in the sketchbook is just my visual guide to draw the piece digitally in Illustrator, it’s never printed or used in the final artwork.

After I’ve drawn everything in Illustrator, and I’ve perfected colours, perspectives and proportions, I bring it back into Photoshop for the finishing touches. When I’m happy with it, I package it up and send to you as a proof. I won’t bore you with the technicalities but because I work this way, I can accommodate reasonable changes and edits with ease, and it’s a massive time-saver which means no headaches for me! Yay!

... design?

When the illustration is approved, I move it all into Adobe InDesign – Photoshop and Illustrator’s nerdy brother to some, but to me he’s the powerhouse of graphic design and a total dreamboat! Anywaaay...

From here I start to build your invitation and create the proofs that you will receive. I make any requested changes to text or wording, and I resend it all for your approval. When we have sign-off, I package up the finished article in a print-ready format and it’s off to the printer she goes! I repeat this process for each wedding stationery item.