It can be pretty daunting for a couple ordering wedding stationery as there's SO much information out there on : what you need, when you need it, how many to get, when to send, where to order from, tight timelines and strict budgets!

It’s confusing, I get it, which is why I like to be as transparent as possible. It puts you at ease, it puts me at ease and eliminates any unwanted surprises so we can all just float along the River of Bliss towards the bay of Wedding Excitement!

phase one

1. enquiry

You see my work, you like my style, you get in touch and our exciting  journey begins!

2. consultation

We talk about what you’d like in terms of illustration, design, printing, styling, item range, quantities, budgets and timelines. The more information, ideas and imagery you have to share at this stage the better, as this is where I start to build a picture of your dream wedding invitation. Using the information you provide, I sketch out a concept which enables me to quote accurately. For more info on this part of the process, see How I Work!

3. estimate

Depending on your particular request, the estimate is based on a mix of: Illustration & Design - Printing & Envelopes - Delivery. After I’ve finished researching, sketching and calculating, I write up a tailored Estimate detailing the Project Scope and Key Terms of the job so we're all on the same page. If you need to amend anything in the Estimate, no probs, let me know and I’ll rework it and send it back

The Estimate also includes deposit details as I request 50% to be paid before I can log your booking. The remaining 50% then falls due prior to final artwork being released/items going to print. 

4. ordering & payment

So you’ve decided you want to go ahead with the order. Congrats! You’re on the way to having your very own wedding-stationery fairy by your side! Once an Estimate is confirmed and your deposit has cleared, I send you a receipt and log your order in my diary!

phase two

5. illustration

HURRAY! My favourite part, the bit where we start bringing everything we’ve talked about to life. This stage focuses purely on the illustration, not the design of the invitation itself. It takes up approximately 70% of the entire process. If you’d like to know more about how I work creatively, click here!

6. graphic design

Here I lay out the design of the stationery elements, so think wording, fonts, paper folds and print-ready files. I start with the wedding invitation first, then depending on whether you’ve ordered other wedding stationery items, I follow with those.

7. proofing & approval

Once I've finished illustrating and designing, I send you a proof - if you have any changes, I make them and send a revised proof back to you for a final check. This process repeats itself until the file has been approved by you and we’re all happy to progress to the next stage!

DISCLAIMER: I take exceptional care that all information is as provided; however, please note that the accuracy of all wording at the time of print is your responsibility. Please read my T&Cs here for full details.

phase three

7. envelopes & extras

Once the final design is approved and if it's relevant to your order, we discuss envelopes & extras – some couples have a strong colour palette for the wedding so it’s nice to reflect that right from the start through envelope choice. If however you’re the breezy type, I take a selection of envelopes that I think will work well with the invitation, and I present them to you, then you choose which ones you like, or we repeat the process until you’re happy.

8. printing & ordering

Once all files are signed off and as soon as the remaining deposit has been cleared, I send everything off to print and order any envelopes or extras you’ve requested. Again just to hammer it home, please note that accuracy of all wording at the time of print really is your responsibility. My advice is look over the proof wording yourself, then maybe get a friend to look too, as you will no doubt be feeling the strain of organising everything and eyes can get tired! “Measure twice, cut once,” my Dad always said. Sage advice from an adorable man.

9. delivery/collection

Tadaaahhh! The moment we’ve all been waiting for! I package up my little printed paper babies, tuck them in ever so safely and bid them farewell as they embark upon their final journey towards their new home. Sunrise, sunset *Sniff*

10. the best bit

Your reaction. It’s probably the recovering people-pleaser in me but oh my WORD I love this part! The warm fuzzyfeels of a happy couple and a job well done. Bliss!